Keynote: James Walton
Chief Economist - IGD

How retailers can add value to their proposition - and how packaging makers and brand owners can help.

Responsible for helping IGD members and clients to understand and anticipate strategic change. Delivering insight through presentations, workshops and articles on IGD websites. Representing IGD on radio, in print media and on TV.

Keynote: Larry Logan
Chief Marketing Officer - Digimarc

The Connected Package - how leading brands are using digitally-enabled packaging to drive greater consumer engagement

Packaging is truly the last frontier of true omni-channel marketing. Despite being the most salient touchpoint between the consumer and the brand, the role of packaging has largely failed to keep up with the evolving habits of today’s shoppers, who are demanding more content, and demanding it in-store, online and at-home. Yet despite this dramatic opportunity for growth, many marketers and brands have failed to capitalize on new technologies that can link them directly with consumers.

Today the ultimate omni-channel option is the connected package, a 24/7 networked-package delivering enhanced product information to consumers, all without limitations or constraints from the package design or size. To be relevant, modern packaging needs to contain a pervasive network identity, making brands immediately accessible to the consumer for product information, tips, brand loyalty programs and more.

This presentation will educate marketing and retail professionals about how the latest mobile technology and packaging design creates a new channel for ongoing engagement with consumers, giving brands access to the kind of personalized post-purchase data, that until now, has largely been unavailable to them. These opportunities, with consumer permissions, allow the brand to know who are its buyers, in what region or location they shop, and their interests. It brings the anonymous shopper into the brand’s sphere for re-marketing. This new development is creating opportunities for a seamless and connected brand experience at every stage of the package journey.

Attendees will also learn:

How the GS1 standards body is supporting a world-wide movement toward the Connected PackageHow this new advancement in mobile technology and design enable a more compelling digital experience, while still maintaining the aesthetic integrity of packages
How with serialized digital printing, every single package or media object can have its own specific, unique identity
How optimized packaging bridges the gap between brand capabilities and consumer expectations, reaching shoppers in-aisle and post-purchase
How brands can deliver enticing digital product information and facilitate consumer engagement, building brand loyalty 

Keynote: Larry Logan

Larry Logan serves as the Chief Evangelist of Digimarc Corporation and plays a key role in establishing the company as a world leader in the identification of all media through the Digimarc Barcode. Prior to his position with Digimarc, he developed a storied career as a creative director and marketing heavyweight for companies such as PLAYBOY, WebMD, Immersive Media Corporation, and others. Larry is the recipient of more than 100 Gold- and Platinum-certified records in entertainment marketing campaigns. The World Brand Congress recently named him among the 100 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders, and he is an advisory board member for the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association.

Keynote: Kristy-Barbara Lange
Deputy Managing Director - European Bioplastics

EU Legislation and market data on bioplastics

Latest developments within EU Legislation and market data regarding Bioplastics.

Keynote: Magnus Friberg
Attorney-at-Law - Gulliksson

Safe packaging in the future – demands and challenges and can we learn from each other.

Magnus Friberg has for many years been advising clients on communicative as well as regulatory matters in the innovative life sciences fields including food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics covering all aspects among which marketing, labelling and product safety issues. He also specializes in all legal aspects relating to commercial and non-commercial communicative measures including advertising, intellectual property protection and free speech. 

Magnus’ expertise includes specifically regulated areas such as the marketing of alcohol and tobacco, gaming and lotteries, e-commerce and distance selling, corruptive marketing measures including co-operation between the industry and the healthcare sector, credit marketing, specific media legislation, product safety and privacy protection.

He represents his clients in court litigation and in negotiations with government agencies and competitors. Among Magnus’ clients, both Swedish and multinational, he counts market leaders in all branches of industry for example the food and drink industry, pharma as well as advertising agencies, new starts, and industry organizations. He is also an appreciated lecturer and speaker.

Keynote: Vincent Villéger
Creative Consultant: Burberry, Givenchy, VanCleef & Arpels, Yves St Laurent, Issey Miyake

The role of design in e-retail packaging


Vincent is a specialist in the field of luxury packaging, operating as an independent creative consultant.

The former Director of Packaging Design at Burberry in London, he spent 8 years with the brand where he set-up the packaging design team, and worked in close collaboration with the Chief Creative Officer and the senior creative team.

Vincent’s most recent achievements with the No.1 British luxury brand include fragrances “My Burberry” and “Mr Burberry” (both of which achieved top-5 ranking), the complete re-design of the corporate packaging, and the launch of new, elevated e-retail packaging for the brand.

Prior to joining Burberry, Vincent ran his own packaging design business with his wife Angela. Together, they focussed on the prestige beauty market, designing for brands including Givenchy, VanCleef & Arpels, Yves St Laurent and Issey Miyake.

Keynote: Vincent Villéger

Panel: Lisa Säfwenberg
Packaging Development Manager - Axfood

Retail Panel

Panel: Ulf Johansson
Professor, Centrum för handelsforskning at Lund University

Retail panel

Ulf Johansson has a background as a consumer researcher and marketer. For many years he has also worked as a consultant, in particular in the management area. He is interested in how organizations are managed and how leadership can be developed, especially within retail. He has worked closely with the University of Stirling and its retail research for 15 years.

Christoffer Windal
Packaging Developer, Carton Solutions - BillerudKorsnäs

Sustainable packaging of tomorrow

Billerudkorsnäs will drive a workshop where they will present the latest  megatrends that we see today and how the will translate into future packaging opportunities. What types of consumer packaging will we see (and need) in the future? Together we can challenge conventional packaging and shape the future of packaging.

Erik Bengtsson
Senior Project Manager - Södra

Sustainability through the value chain

Simon Widmer
Designer of Circular Design Guide - Ellen MacArthur foundation

How to use the Circular Design Guide

Simon is a project manager in the New Plastics Economy initiative, an ambitious, three-year initiative to build momentum towards a plastics system that works. Applying the principles of the circular economy, the initiative brings together key stakeholders to re-think and re-design the future of plastics. Simon has been project manager for the New Plastics Economy report and the Circular Design Guide (launching January 2017). His current focus is on circular design: how might we create products, services and systems for the circular economy?

Maurizio Tarozzi
Global Technology Manager - B&R Automation

Packaging 4.0

In the consumer packaged goods industry, a product's packaging plays a crucial role in its success. As the intermediary between consumer and product, packaging must strike a perfect balance between functionality and design, and it must do so within the constraints of technical and economic feasibility. To achieve harmony between all of these competing factors, you need packaging machines that are extremely flexible and fully automated. I will present our latest innovation in this area and give a better understanding in how to use Packaging 4.0

Lars Gustafsson
Public Affairs Manager - BASF

We create chemistry for sustainable packaging

A look into the future - Synthetic chemistry with biobased raw materials.

Plastics, cartons, glues, inks are just a few of materials used within packaging.

Most of the organic chemistry we use, such as acrylates, polyamides, polyesters, polyurethanes, etc. is, however, based on petroleum. Sooner or later, the use of petroleum will need to cease and then we need to find other starting materials. This development has already begun and today we can in theory produce all forms of chemistry based on renewable material. Why is this not already done? Does it affect performance? Is it more expensive? Is there not enough capacity? The questions are numerous and to figure these out and get an insight into what we can expect from the future, BASF will present their views on the future of chemistry and how it can contribute to sustainable packaging.

BASF offers the packaging industry a wide range of packaging materials and solutions. Everything you want to protect and display in a favourable way, from beverages or food to cosmetics and pharmaceutical products - BASF has the solution for each packaging need. If not, we develop it together with you. www.packaging.basf.com

About BASF

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The approximately 114,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. BASF generated sales of more than €58 billion in 2016. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (BAS). Further information:

Oscar Hugoson
Sales & Marketing - Scanfill

Scanfill – polymer reduction and bio plastics, the future packaging material

Oscar has been working within the packaging industry for about 5 years and the last 3 years has been with Scanfill in the sales team working in Ystad.

The Scanfill concept is to polymer reduce the plastic packaging material we produce to create a more environmentally friendly material. 50% mineral is compounded into the material to our grades which are based on PP, PE or Bio PE made from sugar canes. Scanfill produces raw material granules for sheet, blow molding and film productions and have recently invested to be able to produce sheet with up to 7 layers including EVOH barrier. 

Sara Bergendorff
Producent- och Importörsansvarig - Returpack

Plastic can be fantastic in a circular economy

Plastic is a fantastic material for beverage containers and a good sustainable option if recycled. In our speech we will guide you through our sorting plant and tell about how bottles designed for recycling can be converted into a high quality material, ready to be reused in the manufacturing of new bottles.

Returpack runs the deposit and return system for plastic bottles and metal cans in Sweden and collects and sorts 1.8 billion post-consumer packaging annually.

Mikael Abrahamsson
Area Sales Manager - Schur Star Systems

Automated packaging systems for Top Selling shelf displays

Schur Star Systems, together with Schur Technology, offer the most flexible packaging solution available. The Schur Star Concept consists of the Schur Star packaging machine and the pre-made Schur Star bags supplied to our customers linked together on a unique string. This sets the stage for increased marketing options, improved operational excellence, and supply-chain breakthroughs in order to align your operations with your revenue goals. It is all about adding flexibility to - and removing complexity from - our customers’ production facilities. 

Schur Star Systems is operating out of Flensburg, Germany, Oceanside, USA and Thomastown, Australia.

Mikael Abrahamsson

Mikael has been in the packaging industry for 25 years, 15 years in the corrugated industry with responsibility for the beverage sector and currently 10 years with Schur Star Systems. Supermarket shelf displays and how these packages can be automated packed has been his passion for 25 years.

Lube Belokozovski
Design & Innovation Manager - Smurfit Kappa

Open the Future

Marius Grathwohl
Head of digitalization - MULTIVAC

Understanding of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization

  • Understanding of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization MULTIVACs point of view
  • Activities of Digitalization at MULTIVAC
  • MULTIVACs new generation of thermoforming packaging machines as a basis for Industry 4.0 business models
  • Digital Agenda: MULTIVAC Smart Services
  • How e-commerce affects packaging and packaging machines

Marius Grathwohl

Dr. Marius Grathwohl studied industrial engineering at the University of Technology in Kaiserslautern (Germany) and at Memorial University in St. John’s (Canada) focusing on innovation marketing and information systems. After graduating, he submitted his PhD thesis about standardization in platform economies at University of Technology in Chemnitz (Germany), where he was also involved in research and lecturing activities in the field of Industry 4.0 and Digitalization. Dr. Grathwohl joined MULTIVAC as an assistant to the CEO and CTO in 2015, since June 2017 he is in charge of the digitalization of MULTIVAC products and business models.

Jaana Nykänen
‎CEO and game producer - Divine Robot

The Origami Experience

Divine Robot will showcase how we work with immersive Virtual Reality experiences and gamification to make communication, learning and prototyping more efficient and engaging.

We will show an interactive origami experience, which rewards the user with an understanding intuitive enough to let them be able to fold intricate forms, eventually seeing their finished product spring to life in a mix of precision, engineering and beauty. 

Johan Mårtensson
CEO - Packbridge